Assuming you have lived in Santee, California for any amount of time, you’re probably no stranger to the bees and wasps. You’ve come to the right place if you need a removal specialist. Superior Plus Pest Control has exterminators who dedicate themselves to staying up to date on the latest, most-effective bee removal methods and techniques in the business. We currently offer both residential and commercial removal services.

Our stinging insect exterminators work through the entire Santee, California area to remove the threat of stinging insects. We can get rid of Killer (Africanized) bees, yellow jackets, honeybees, wasps, and hornets. Our removal experts won’t just ensure that the current pest is removed, but we can help prevent them from returning to your property. Along with this, we’ll also remove any remnants that they leave. This includes removing beehives from roofs, attics, fireplaces, and anywhere else that they may have left their mark.



List Of Points To Consider When Getting Rid Of Bees

Here is a list you need to keep in mind when getting rid of them:

  1. Don’t bother the bees. In the event you find a nest or swarm, back away. Do not ever swat them. If they show up near you, do not disturb it and it will go away. Be careful of Africanized bees as they do not necessarily have to be provoked to attack. They are far more aggressive.
  2. Because nest removal is as crucial as the actual removal of the bees, ensure that any pest control company includes this in their quote to you.
  3. When our specialists go to your home, they’ll make sure that there are no openings in the house, such as openings in the walls or gaps in your rooftop, that they may use to go to your home. It is always our priority to see that your family and pets are safe.
  4. Don’t end up being scammed by in-store bee removal products. The in-store products will simply have a temporary effect on them. They will also not get rid of the nest itself, which can be essential. Also, in the event the product fails, spraying them will only enrage them further. As said before, generally, they only attack after they feel threatened. This kind of treatment is better left to professionals.
  5. If you notice a nest or swarm, you shouldn’t approach it. Africanized bees may look much like honey bees, yet are considerably more aggressive. We have had people get stung over thirty times because they tried to remove a beehive with a broom. We can not emphasize this enough: Avoid beehives. Bee attacks can be deadly to people.


Superior Plus Guaranteed Removal

As opposed to several other pest control companies, we don’t send out our regular pest control techs to deal with a bee eradication job. Our specialists are truly excited about protecting the families of Santee and take their work seriously.

Chances are, if you’ve seen numerous bees around your house or office, then chances are you have a bee swarm or nest in the area. A single nest of bees will contain thousands of individuals! I’m certain we do not have to tell you how dangerous it is to possess a nest near your house.

Give Us A Call!

If you feel bees have constructed a nest near your home or perhaps you want us to get rid of a swarm that is sticking around, give our bee removal professionals a phone call. Don’t worry, you won’t be required to pay any kind of inspection fee. Just give us an accurate description on the phone in regards to the location and size of the hive, and we can give you an estimate. We offer flat rates and warranties on our bee removal services, which means you know we’ll do it properly and you’ll know exactly how much it is going to cost. Call Superior Plus Pest Control at (619) 450-1353 today to find out how we can assist you.