Commercial Services

As a business owner or working in establishments, the first thing you want to ensure is to have no pests that may damage the foundation of your buildings.

We have to ensure that these are checked and the materials that was used to build are of high-quality. Because if we neglect these things, the establishment will be vulnerable to pest invasion.


Benefits of availing Santee Commercial Solutions

  1. Pre and Post-Inspection. Before buildings are built, we are mostly hired by business owners, to assure that the structure of their buildings have no pests. It is safe to assume that we check every part of the building’s foundation. Then after it has been built and ready for operations, we check once again to really ensure that the establishment has no pests.
  2. Different service plans. As this is an important part of our industry, we suggest that you avail our service plans. We have variations: monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, and annually.
  3. Rodent and Cockroach Control. One of the most complaints we have concerning business establishments is the countless rats, mice, and cockroach infestation. We are continuously working to formulate new pesticides for rodents and cockroach. We expertly advise that instead of wasting store-bought traps that do not work, have your property check by our experts.
  4. Steady Operations. As a business owner, it is important to make profit every day, without stopping. Our goal is to treat all pests in establishments while maintaining its operations.
  5. Successful Business. A healthy establishment attracts profit. Which is why Santee Commercial Solutions is the best partner in every business‘ success.


Commercial Building

As a Santee pest control provider, we are committed to assisting local businesses protect their product and brand from nuisance and potentially damaging insects.

  • Office Buildings
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Hotels & Motels
  • Colleges & Schools
  • Shopping Centers
  • Restaurants
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Non-food Courier Facilities
  • Churches


Development of Services

Our commercial experts are knowledgeable when faced with different pest challenges. This is because they are highly-trained and can easily adapt to new problems.

Every year, our technicians undergo training about the latest treatments so you are sure that our resources are always developing and applies new technologies.


Contact us at (619) 450-1353  today, and we will help you sort out pest problems in your business establishments.