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Residential Solutions

Have you ever seen tiny creatures creeping all over your living room? How about bites you notice when waking up? Or even sealed food on the cupboard that has gnawed marks?

You are not alone in this situation. At Superior Plus Pest Control in Santee, CA, we significantly study treatments to help you live in a pest-free environment.

Residential services is not limited on the inside, but we also treat the outside, your backyard. We believe that it is best to treat pest when they are outside rather when they have infiltrated the inside.


How does residential solutions differ from commercial services?

From the word itself, residential usually caters houses in the neighborhood while commercial deals with business establishments. Although it is a bit confusing, we are here to help you show the difference between the two:

  1. Residential solutions have similar approach. Unlike commercial services, this type of solutions or treatments usually have the same approach when it comes to treating pests. Because most houses have the same structure, our experts can determine precisely what treatments you will need. This will help you save time and money, and be assured that we can eradicate all of them because of the process that is usually the same.
  2. Money-wise. In terms of value for money, residential services are much cheaper than commercial. Houses are smaller than business establishment and when temporarily relocating a family, it is much easier. The reason is that you don’t lose money when you move. Unlike in commercial, operations should continue without disruption. That is why it is costly to avail the commercial services.
  3. Commercial services have quick treatment methods. Many business owners don’t want to dwell too much on pest problems and want to get rid of them rapidly. That is why, to avoid disturbance in operations, our experts are trained to build a straightforward plan.
  4. Commercial solutions have long-term plans. Being in the business industry, we understand that we should maintain a pest-free environment as much as we can. As for residential, we also offer long-term plans but it is not recommended. Pests in homes are usually eliminated immediately and most of them don’t come back. Which is why, to save time and money, we have straightforward plans to help with your pest problem.
  5. Pests present in 2 areas are different. In a neighborhood, you will mostly find ants, bed bugs, flies, and cockroach. Whereas, in commercial establishments, you will mostly find rodents and cockroaches. It differs which is why we have dedicated exterminators for this kind of services, and they are available locally.


It is good to know their difference so that you will not be confused why the services in residential solutions are straightforward and cheaper! Plus, all of our services can be custom according to your needs. We do not limit our clients’ opinions because we believe that you know your house more.

If you’re interested in protecting your home and family, having routine pest control maintenance is essential. It’s more affordable to have pest prevention than to deal with their problems. Just give our Santee pest control experts a call at (619) 450-1353, and we’ll come to your rescue.