Having rodents in your home can be a drag. They are known to cause damage to your home, not to mention they transmit diseases and contaminate your food. If they find your electronic cables they will chew them, costing you a lot in repairs.

Mice and rats are also a subject of embarrassment to have in your house. You can typically find their feces left behind which is also unsanitary to have in your home. Neighbors and friends will begin to make assumptions about your hygiene. If you want to get rid of your rats and mice then you should give our experts a call.

Rats eating

How Do Rodents Get Inside Of Your House?

Finding out how the rats are getting inside your home is a key to permanent rodent control. By discovering those entry points and sealing them permanently, this will make your problem go away. Inspect every inch of your house and find all those entry points to prevent infestation.

They can squeeze and fit in small areas. Even big rats can slide in like jelly into the tightest gaps and holes. They can fit through holes that have a size of a quarter. They can inhabit walls, ceiling, and attics.

Rats and mice can enter your homes in so many ways. Their entry points could be through gable vents, ridge caps, space vents, pipe entry holes, the path where electrical wires go in, eave gaps, roof joints, soffit vents, AC chases, fascia boards, etc. Chewing their way in is also their option.

Signs That You Are Infested With Rodents

Inspect your house carefully. You have to look at every little spaces and places they might inhabit. Knowing rats and mice helps prevent infestation and damage to your property.

Sometimes, they leave brown grease marks at their entry points if used often. Their entry holes are often where you don’t expect them to enter. To prevent damage and infestation, here are some telltale signs:

  • Rodent droppings
  • Gnawed holes
  • Grease marks
  • Rat nests and holes
  • Scratching noises

It’s better to prevent rodents from infesting your house than dealing with them once they are inside. If you ever encounter any of these signs, call Superior Plus Pest Control today and we will help you with your current problem.

Santee Rodent Control Services

Mice and rats are typically good at remaining hidden in hiding spots that are difficult to get to. Sometimes people will attempt to capture them themselves. Unfortunately, this can lead to frustration, as well as wasted time and money.

One of our specialists can remove your mice and rats in a hassle-free way. Our professional will review your home and determine the ideal method of rodent removal. Pick up the phone and give us a call (619) 450-1353 at and we can answer any queries you might have and schedule your appointment.